Ride Guidelines

Ride Guidelines

The safe and enjoyable participation of members and guests is paramount to the success of our club rides. Central to achieving this goal is continuous respect of the Highway Code for our road rides and the Countryside Code for our off-road rides.

Young riders (aged 12-18 years) are welcome to join club rides, but should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Above and beyond these legal codes the following guidelines are provided in the spirit of encouraging best practice, but should not be considered exhaustive:

  • Join those rides consistent with your own abilities.
  • Ensure that your bike is in good roadworthy condition; however always bring along those essential tools to address punctures and simple mechanical problems on the roadside.
  • In addition from late-Autumn to early-Spring a bike fitted with full length mudguards with front and rear flaps is preferred.
  • Wearing of a cycling-specific hard shell crash helmet is considered mandatory with the addition of cycling-specific glasses highly recommended. Otherwise dress for the expected weather and carry appropriate spare clothing (including waterproofs).
  • Always bring your mobile telephone, some form of ID and accessible emergency contact information (also some money for the cafĂ© stop if applicable!).
  • Respect the information and guidance provided by the ride leader to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the ride.
  • Ride in pairs as a compact group, never ride more than two abreast, but be prepared to single out when road and traffic conditions demand.
  • Those riders at the front should clearly communicate any upcoming hazards to the group, whilst those at the back should keep everyone informed about anyone having a problem.
  • At all times be considerate to the needs of other road users especially other vulnerable road users such as horse riders and pedestrians. Avoid confrontation with others, even if they are in the wrong.
  • Choose stopping points with due regard for other road users and pedestrians; avoid blocking roads, especially at junctions, trails or footpaths.

Although there is no legal requirement for cyclists to have comprehensive or third party liability insurance it is recommended members take out appropriate coverage through British Cycling (with Ride, Race Silver or Race Gold membership), Cycling UK or another provider.

Please address any comments or questions to the Ride Captain.

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