Ride Categories

Chester Road Club tries to accommodate all types of rides and so all rides fall into one of the following categories:


Average speeds of 13 to 15 mph, covering 30-40 miles. Ideal for any individual new to riding in groups, also for women who want to build their confidence riding on the road, or for anyone who just wants to take in the scenery and have a good natter.


Average speed of 14 to 16mph, covering 30 – 50 miles. Ideal for riders who want to get extra miles in at a steady pace.


Average speed of 16 – 18mph, covering 30 – 60 miles. Ideal for regular riders who enjoy going a little faster with longer distances.


Average speed of 18 – 21mph, covering 30 – 80 miles. Ideal for riders who like to race and clock up the miles.


The above is a guideline only, and of course we know that many things can impact average speeds but by setting these out, along with the description, it gives a good indicator if the ride is suitable for you.  We set out these categories but may not always have regular rides for all of them depending on the availability of our trained volunteer Ride Leaders.

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